This website is built in W3C Standards Compliant HTML5. It utilises CSS3 styling to implement something our industry calls Progressive Enhancement. It also uses a smattering of PHP for various include functions and one or two other things to improve your user experience. Content Management is powered by InSitu

Body type is rendered in Museo Sans. The banner, main navigation tabs and section descriptors are in Gotham Light, but the Big Numbers aren't; they're just Big Numbers. Big Ampersands are rendered in Baskerville.


We used Adobe Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS5 and various text editors to write the markup and build the graphics. Colours were picked out of a hat.

Files were produced on a middle-aged Acer 5920G, which is smooth and glossy and very quiet. They were uploaded via Mozilla Firefox FireFTP and/or FileZilla Client FTP, depending on our mood at the time. While they were uploading, we drank Taylor's Yorkshire Gold, from a variety of mugs, most of which still reside on the desk.

Currently, this website does not scale, upwards or downwards, beyond this fixed width version. But we're doing a lot of serious thinking about that and will probably come up with a solution in due course.

Thank you for reading.